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EGT is famous for its fruit symbols but Age of Troy slot machine game does not have these fruit symbols at all. EGT designed the Age of Troy slot machine game which has 5 nice looking reels and 20 exciting bet lines.

Play for fun Age of Troy Slots on your PC. Age of Troy Free Play

The game is designed with mystery jackpot awards. If you bet the highest in the Age of Troy slot machine game you may win with the highest prize of twenty thousand coins which is jaw dropping.


You may as well see the Troy movie to get an idea of the slot game itself. In Troy there were Trojans who were well known fighters and they got more popular because of a woman named Helen who changed history.

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In the story Helen gets vowed with the king which is Greek however when Prince of Troy comes to there palace Helen falls in love with him. Eventually the prince of Troy sneaks Helen away and takes her with him to Troy to claim her for himself. Hence a war took place between the Trojans and the people of Troy and then Troy was taken over after years of fighting by a simple trick.

The visuals of Age of Toy slots are wonderful and you should watch out for the animations that take place when you get to make a combination that’s winning.


There is a Helen symbol and a Paris symbol in the Age of Troy as well. There is the wild symbol in the slot game which is shown as the wood horse. Moreover the reels of Age of Troy have the Greek ships symbol, a helmet symbol, a temple symbol which represents the scatter, an urn symbol and the horn symbol that has gold coins in it. Lastly there are the famous card symbols as well.


Bets are made on the 20 pay lines which is one credit for each line. There are buttons like forty, hundred, two hundred and four hundred which are open to be betted on if you want to bet higher. There is the famous auto play button available on the screen as well.

You can win 20 free spins. There is the wild feature that makes a gamer big win too and there is the jackpot to win from in the slot game.

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