Book of Ra slots for Android

The Book of Ra slot machine game has become such a huge success that Novomatic developers came with a brilliant idea and introduced this fantastic slot in the android phone as well.

Since this is the new age and the web is not enough so in order to capture more gamers Nonomatic introduced it on the Android as well. Once a gamer starts playing the Book of Ra on the Android he wants to play the slot game most of the time because it is exciting and challenging as well.

Bellfruit Casino is the perfect site to download this perfect game for free and you can download the game for your android over here.

In the Bellfruit website one can play the Book of Ra either for fun or for real money as well.

The Android user can play the slot game for free here and while they play the Book of Ra slot machine game in this version they will get a total number of six thousand credits. This acts as web money.

Download book of ra Slots on your Android. book of ra for android

Book of Ra bonus

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Then the other version of the game comes with real money and the Android users can opt for that too. The great thing about this mode is that if you bet 100 pounds on the bet line you can have a bonus of a hundred percent on it.

In the Android phone a gamer can win a huge jackpot of coins which is 40 000 in total. This feature works effectively on the Android phone.

Game Description

The Book of Ra slot for Android is really simple to access on your Android phone. All a gamer has to do is log on to the website named StarGames from the Android phone. Then there is a registration process in which a gamer has to fill out some information. This registration is free of cost. Lastly the gamer has to fill in his email and let the website confirm it from you. Once that is done the gamer can play the Book of Ra slot for Android free of cost whenever and wherever he wants.

The book of Ra slot for Android has the same gameplay as the web site. The rules are also the same. It is actually a ditto copy of the online game. Novomatic has been successful in designing this game on the Android phone which is appealing to the gamers.

The gamer decides to bet on the bet lines and the exciting reels filled with symbols start revolving on the little screen. The player can win free spins in the game. The Book of Ra slot for Android has 5 reels and 10 pay lines. The symbols include the ancient Egyptian based cyphers like the beetles and the kings and queens of ancient Egypt.

The game can be played for real money on the Android phone and the deposit transaction and the winnings receiving methods are really easy to control too. The game is well designed for an Android user.

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